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What we calibrate

Who are we?

Calibration Connect provides calibration and associated services within many sectors including manufacturing, servicing, medical, and utilities.

We take the “hassle” out of calibration by providing full coverage of your calibration needs, either through our in-house capabilities or partnering with other specialist providers. This provides you with a Total Calibration Solution, with a Better Level of Service, at a Lower Total Cost.

We are the calibration experts, just like CPS, so knowing that the measurements our customers are making are going to be accurate and correct.  We know calibration…we are the mad scientists that live and breath calibration and have been doing it for years.

What we offer

Flexible cost-effective calibration service.

We calibrate for you - talk to us.

Fast service

Same-day or next-day turnaround available.

On-site calibration is available

Torque wrench calibration available on-site.

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Enabling you or us to manage your devices

Added value to your organisation.

Ancillary services that helps to reduce the overall costs to you, adding value to your own business.

24/7 Access

Access to all your calibration certificates for equipment we manage for you.

The Importance of Quality.

Calibration Connect appreciates the critical importance of quality management, which is ingrained into the way we operate. Recognising the need for the management of quality, we maintain the following quality management features and controls:

  • Traceability to recognised national and international measuring standards.
  • Compliance with the requirements of NZS/ISO/IEC 17025:2018.
  • Calibration work carried out in accordance with manufactures recommendations with our input to better meet the needs of the device being calibrated.
  • Professional service provided in all aspects of calibration and contact with you.
  • Ensuring that these specifications are meet ensuing your devices is ready for you to use for the calibration of your test and measuring equipment.
  • Maximises your equipment uptime.
  • Maximises the value of service to you.
  • Management is built upon the criteria of the NZ Business Excellence Foundation.
  • All underpinned by our IANZ accreditation.

For a free no-obligation assessment of how Calibration Connect can meet your company’s calibration requirements.

IANZ Registered

Our IANZ “International Accreditation New Zealand” is at the heart of what we do and how we do it across all our labs, it defines how we operate and how we calibrate. It makes us.

CPS has been accredited by IANZ to ISO 17025 since 1985, Calibration Connect since 2006, so between our two companies, we know IANZ.

But what does IANZ really mean for you? Its means that you can have total confidence in what we do and how we are doing it and that are we using standards that are fit for purpose for the calibration we are undertaking. They are your auditors, we pay them to basically drag us across hot coals to do better calibrations., Always pushing our boundaries and asking those pesky what if questions, among a few hundred others at very regular intervals. These IANZ auditors are back up by technical experts from Measurements Standards Laboratory which is New Zealand’s national metrology institute – these are the guys that get down to the real nitty-gritty of calibration.

Calibration Connect

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